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LTG Sweden AB (former Mobitec) – part of Luminator Technology Group – is a global leader in designing and manufacturing system technologies for mobile passenger information on buses and rail-bound vehicles.

Luminator Technology Group is a USA based Group of brands delivering innovative solutions to public transport and aerospace markets. Our products include signs, lighting, and passenger information systems for rail, bus, commercial and military aircraft worldwide. Our presence in the transit industry since 1934 demonstrates our commitment to superior performance with a strong focus on quality assurance. We built our trusted family of brands to help us exceed customer expectations. Link to website: https://www.ltgglobal.com/

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About us
Our company was founded in 1987 in Sweden and first established itself in Scandinavia. After 30 years, systems made by Mobitec are today out and about in more than 60 countries around the world. Consequently, Mobitec serves international markets from several locations: Germany, Australia, Brazil, India and of course the headquarters in Sweden.

In the autumn of 2017 Mobitec AB changed name to LTG Sweden AB. The reason for this is mainly that we shall harmonize the name with the other companies in the Group Luminator Technology Group. Otherwise, there are no changes and Mobitec will also continuously be the brand we use.

Mobitec’s objective is to make travelling on public transport as convenient and safe as possible. Our systems are therefore designed with a special focus on ease of handling and user-friendliness – for passengers, drivers, transport managers and maintenance personnel. Our systems do not only cover exterior destination signs with roller blind, flip-dot and LED technology but also interior signs with next stop information and infotainment solutions on TFT screens. Mobitec’s product portfolio is rounded off by innovative control units, user-friendly editing software and finally Mobitec Access, a modular system package for online-based communication between vehicles and the back office.

All systems made by Mobitec are easy to use, safe, reliable and multifunctional. We offer products, service and know-how at all locations around the globe where highest quality is of utmost importance. Our own R&D department as well as our highly specialized employees ensure that we fully meet the changing requirements and complex conditions of different markets for mobile passenger information – now and in the future.


Some of the company’s corner stones in its development:

Mobitec AB changes its name to LTG Sweden AB in order to harmonize the name in the Luminator Technology Group.

Mobitec celebrates its 25-year anniversary and is known as an international market leader for electronic passenger information systems.

The same year Mobitec becomes a part of Luminator Technology Group, a global leading group of companies offering groundbreaking technologies in the field of electronic information systems for people going places.

Mobitec becomes world-wide market leader for electronic information display systems for buses. Mobitec enters the Russian market and receives the first big order.

Mobitec acquires 100 % of JV Mobitec Ltda. in Brazil. This year Mobitec also sets a record and produces more than 40 000 electronic destination signs in one financial year.

Mobitec formes a joint venture company, Castmaster Mobitec India Pty Ltd, in Delhi.

Mobitec signs new representations in Israel, Austria and Switzerland. Introduction of multicolour LED displays.

A significant order for Sweden’s major rail travel company enables the market entry into the rail car segment.

Mobitec GmbH och Transit-Media GmbH merges in Germany. Introduction of the first LED display technology.

Mobitec becomes part of Digital Recorders Inc., USA noted at the OTCQB™ stock exchange (T-BUS).

Mobitec sets up Mobitec Australia Pty Ltd. and new representative in the UK – McKenna Brothers.

Mobitec sets up Mobitec GmbH in Germany and joint venture Mobitec Limitada in Brazil.

The quality work has paid off and Mobitec gains the ISO 9001 certificate. Inauguration of new premises (existing) in Ölltorps Industriområde in Herrljunga – in the heart of Sweden.

Mobitec buys LSL Skyltmontage in Herrljunga. Focus on passenger information systems. The climat part of the company becomes Mobitec Klimat.

New markets open up – co-operation with locak partner in Australia and a strategic order in Singapore.

Mobitec-Sütrak is established. The company operates in the Nordic markets for the sale and service of information systems and climate units for buses.

Extensive further development of the full matrix system and introduction of roller blind systems.

Mobitec AB is acquired by Bodinject AB.

1987 (which means that the company celebrates its 30th birthday this year!)
Mobitec is founded as a spin-off from Linjebuss’s Component department.

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LTG Sweden AB
P.O. Box 97 (Ölltorps Industriområde 4) ∙ 524 21 Herrljunga ∙ Sweden
Phone: +46 513 229 00 ∙ Fax: +46 513 107 22
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