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Delfin X is a small passenger boat which operates between Ropsten and Storholmen in Stockholm.

The difference between a regular bus and Delfin X
A bus that operates a certain route passes all bus stops along the route, even if it does not stop for disembarkation. The signage recognize this and the next stop is shown automatically.

If Delfin X does not have any persons leaving or entering the boat on a stop/bridge the boat will not go there, and the sign will then not have an automatic signal to switch to the next stop. This problem was solved by us, we created a number of “bus stops” out on the sea, and they where also direction determined not to be trigged in the wrong direction. If the boat does not go to for instance the ”Tranholmen stop” as first stop it will pass a virtuell stop on its way towards the next bus stop and the signage will thereby work correctly.

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Integration ninjas

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