MobiLED Ultima is now ITxPT labeled

LTG Sweden/Mobitec is a strategic member of ITxPT and in July 2018 LTG Sweden/Mobitec was the first LED-matrix manufacturer in the world to successfully pass and receive ITxPT label on the MobiLED Ultima (

LTG Sweden/Mobitec is now ready to provide support to OEMs, PTO, PTA and partners, allowing them for the introduction of ITxPT. After the MobiLED Ultima, next up for the label is TFT screen with product MobiScreen (

Article on the ITxPT website (
“The ITxPT laboratory has recently delivered the final labeling report stating that the MobiLED Ultima module (along with the Module inventory service) had been labelled in accordance with ITxPT specifications S01 v2.0.1 & S02 v2.0.

The Ultima module is a simple LED frontal display providing the only mandatory service on the IP network: the module inventory service. This module is consuming AVMS service and more precisely, it consumes the AVMS service operation “Planned pattern” to save the line and the destination names.

A several remote tests were performed with the Mobitec technical team before the physical meeting. After successfully completing all the stages of the labeling procedure, the module has been included in the ITxPT catalogue and can be found now among other modules that have been labeled by ITxPT so far.

The ITxPT label is offered as a proof of compliance to any vehicle, software or equipment that has passed the compliance tests. The ITxPT label can be acquired by any supplier, not necessarily an ITxPT Member, and can easily be requested through ITxPT. More details regarding the labeling procedure can be found here.

Should you have any questions about the process or would like to initialize it, don’t hesitate to contact ITxPT at:“.

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