Intelligence, Safety and Efficiency in Transit

Luminator Technology Group (LTG) is a leading designer and manufacturer of highly-engineered display, lighting and passenger communication systems for global public/mass transportation markets. The group of companies leverages its extensive engineering resources, knowledge of LED technology as well as hardware and software integration expertise to develop solutions that illuminate, inform and improve the experience of city bus and rail passengers worldwide. LTG has built on a 90-year history of growth and innovation to become the market leader for integrated passenger information systems.

LTG specialises in the design and manufacture of:
* LED-based message and destination signage
* Passenger communication systems
* Interior and external lighting & signage
* Stationary signs for train stations/platforms & bus stations/shelters
* Video surveillance systems
* Aftermarket parts & services

LTG’s products deliver tremendous value to customers through superior product performance, lower lifecycle costs, enhanced safety and improved end user experience.

Highly technical product development and engineering know-how are core to LTG’s value proposition. LTG’s capabilities are widely recognized in the industry and has enabled LTG to establish a strong reputation for product quality and innovative designs. LTG is the first LED sign manufacturer to successfully pass the tests required to receive the ITxPT label for our signs.

LTG’s diverse customer base includes transportation authorities from small towns to major cities and industry-leading OEM’s in the city bus and passenger rail markets in over 80 countries around the world.


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