Mobitec’s new control unit, MobiMASTER ICU 602, is modern, easy to use and comes in a standard size. Thanks to the alphanumeric keyboard with highly user-friendly pushbuttons and backlight, changing passenger information is easier than ever for the driver.

Advanced version includes:
• Next stop information
• Voice announcement function for announcements inside and outside the vehicle
• GPS receiver
• Ethernet Interface
• Automatic triggering via GPS or odometer

Product leaflet

MobiMASTER ICU 602 03101-R2 EN


The Advanced version of the ICU 602 can control all kinds of information, including destination, route number and next stop information. Its voice announcement function allows to make announcements inside and outside the vehicle, e.g. to inform passengers waiting at a stop. Automatic triggering of next stop information or voice announcements is not only possible via odometer, but also via GPS – thanks to the integrated GPS receiver (optional).

The MobiMASTER ICU 602 fits into every standard radio slot (ISO 7736). It can also be mounted in a challenging environment as it boasts an IP-classified front with protection against dust and water. Optionally, the control unit can also be IP-classified from the back.

Amongst the extra options available is also an Ethernet Interface. It offers the possibility to connect the ICU 602 to an onboard gateway so that updates and information can be received automatically. In addition, detecting and solving problems is much easier than before since diagnostic information can be sent to the back office.

With MobiMASTER ICU 602, you are equipped for the future.