Full-colour LED sign with high-resolution video capabilities for advertising and other content
• Outside mounting (e.g. above bus window)
• IP65 classification (dust and water protection)
• Exceptional video quality
• Easy updates
• Intelligent energy management

Product leaflet

MobiVISION 03184-R2 SE



MobiVISION is an advance into a new dimension of advertising and passenger information.

The full colour LED sign can display high-resolution videos in exceptional quality, which is suitable for both advertising and

other content such as destination information, either in combination or separately.


The exceptional video quality with completely fluid movements is guaranteed by a high frame rate of 60fps,

automatic binning adjustment and white balance compensation. Advertisements and other content can easily be changed thanks to USB and Ethernet interfaces.

Mobitec’s technology makes even location-targeted advertising possible. Different advertisements can be displayed on one route, depending on geographic location.


MobiVISION is designed for outside mounting on a bus, e.g. above the window, for optimum advertising impact.

64×64 LED boards can be arranged individually to ensure the sign fits your bus and suits your needs.

To meet local legislation in different countries, advertisements can be set to run only when the bus is stopping.

The sign is IP65 classified (dust and water protection) and therefore made to run in any weather conditions.


MobiVISION is your ideal solution for flexible, eye-catching advertising on the outside of a bus