Ultima RGB

  • Functionality on colour part: outline text, text shadow, text on Bitmap background image, full scrolling capabilities on full-colour signs
  • Low power consumption
  • Ultra light
  • Ultra slim
  • Green focus
  • Low life cycle cost
  • State-of-the-art electrical design: SMD-LEDs with optional diagnostics system

Product leaflet

Ultima RGB 03259-R02 EN



Ultima RGB, our new display with multicolour LEDs, combines the advantages of our innovative sign

generation MobiLED Ultima with the functionalities of our well-proven MobiLED Colour signs.


Ultima RGB is available as full colour display or with coloured route number and amber or white destination text,

which makes it easier for passengers to distinguish between different lines.


The name says it all:
Ultima RGB is not only a multicolour sign but also part of the Ultima product line and therefore ultra light,

ultra slim and highly energy efficient.

Compared to existing RGB signs, Ultima RGB boasts a weight reduction of up to 50% and a minimum of 30% reduction in power consumption.

This leads to lower fuel consumption and lower operating costs – a real economic benefit for all fleet operators.

The ultra slim design means that Ultima RGB signs require very little space and are therefore particularly easy to install.


Passenger convenience is always at the forefront of Mobitec’s development. Therefore, it goes without saying that all Ultima RGB signs offer excellent visibility even in difficult light conditions and are suited for any environment.

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