What we do

LTG Sweden AB is a leading company when it comes to signs – Mobitec signs are seen on buses, trains and other public transport!

Infotainment Systems
Infotainment sign systems enable transport operators to provide passengers with any kind of information to ensure they have a safe and smooth journey.

Destination Sign Systems
To board the correct bus can be a challenge for any passenger in a busy urban Environment. With our destination systems, your passengers will never be in doubt again. Different options such as amber, White or RGB LEDs, an economical product line as well as a specific sign for coaches ensure that you will get a sign which matches you perfectly.

Interior/Next Stop Sign Systems
Trouble-free travel without worrying when you have to get off the bus. This is what all our interior sign systems do for passengers. And because an informed passenger is a satisfied passenger, they will travel on public transport again.
Our interior sign systems also allow transport operators to comply with legal requirements in different countries as the text “bus stopping” easily can be replaced with an alternative.